Whitepaper & Case Study

Solar Data Solutions & How Real-time Solar Data Can Help Maximize PV Project Performance

Solar resource data is a cornerstone of a PV project’s profitability. Reliable and accurate solar data is critical at each stage of a project’s lifecycle to maximize performance and profitability. Understanding which type of solar data meets your needs, and the attributes that will help your business scale, is key to project success.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to select the right type of solar data for your residential, commercial or utility-scale PV project—whether you’re at the prospecting, development or operational stage. The case study highlights how one company is scaling operations and maintenance of distributed PV by using real-time solar data to cost-effectively benchmark performance.

Content includes:
  • Understanding types of available solar data, industry applications and users
  • How to reduce solar O&M costs and maximize profitability
  • Case study: How Omnidian, a leader in solar PV asset management, is using SolarAnywhere real-time irradiance data to automate O&M
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