The Digitalization Imperative:

The Power of Process Automation in Utility Energy Programs

Distributed energy resources (DERs)—such as rooftop solar, storage or EVs and associated charging hardware—are proliferating. This growth in DER adoption is driven by utility customers seeking ways to reduce their energy costs and support decarbonization. The adoption of DERs is creating a high volume of customer enquiries, disrupting existing workflows for utility programs, driving a higher volume of interconnection applications that need processing, and impacting grid load and associated planning by utilities. Read our playbook on digitalization to learn how utilities can meet these emerging challenges. In this Playbook you'll learn how:

  • An automated customer engagement solution can educate customers and guide them to well-informed decisions, while reducing time-consuming inquiries to utility teams
  • To leverage software to standardize and streamline DER programs, saving utility teams time and effort
  • Utilities can tap into DER program data to facilitate grid impact analysis and planning
  • Digitalization can dramatically benefit all these facets of DER programs

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