DER Customer Engagement: 
Demands Personalized Advice 

Policy changes, more choices and falling technology costs are encouraging scores of customers to adopt DERs that significantly affect the grid: solar, battery storage and electric vehicles.

The financial implications can be complex. According to an October 2016 Smart Grid study, customers considering solar or electric vehicles seek information from their utility 64% of the time, putting utilities in the unique position of being a trusted source of information. By helping customers learn about what these new technologies mean for them, utilities can encourage greater program participation.

In this advisor relationship, if utilities can create a customer experience that rivals leaders in customer engagement—like Apple, Amazon and yes, Tesla—they can objectively guide customers into the best programs for their unique scenarios. And win their customer’s trust and boost satisfaction while they’re at it.

The commonality amongst utility leaders in customer engagement? They understand that empowered customers are changing market fundamentals and in response, are executing strategies that place the customer at the center of the universe. Personalization is the new bar.

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