Electric Rate Plans:
4 Scenarios that Demand Personalized Advice

With more customers considering and adopting technologies that significantly affect the grid—such as solar, battery storage or electric vehicles—utilities are in the unique position to guide customers. By helping customers learn about new technologies and what those technologies can mean for them, utilities can drive program participation. 

When considering solar and electric vehicles, customers seek information from their utility 64% of the time, according to a 2016 Smart Grid study. With this advisor relationship, if utilities can create a customer experience that learns from, and even rivals, leaders in customer engagement like Apple, Amazon and yes, Tesla. They can control and objectively guide customers into the best programs for their unique scenarios

Leaders in customer engagement understand that advice must be personalized and interactive. Learn other characteristics that lead to great customer engagement, as well as three more scenarios that demand personalized customer advice. Download the infographic by completing this form. 

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